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Dear Residents and Neighbors:

I want to start off by saying that I consider it an honor and privilege to serve as the Mayor of Bogota.  To me there is no greater feeling than being able to serve a community in which I was born, raised and care so very deeply about.

With that said, our community has been at the center of a heated public discourse about our future.   Specifically, about what our future holds.  As a community we need to transition this passionate discourse into solutions; rather than providing the media with sound bites that reflect poorly on Bogota.  Our collective future will be to  determined by our ability to work together, and begin the next chapter in Bogota’s history.

In this spirit, my door will always be open to anyone willing to have an honest and informed conversation about how best to move Bogota forward.  In the days and weeks ahead, I’ll be meeting with community leaders, department heads, council members and other members of our community to begin this process.  I welcome any and all viewpoints.

In closing, I would like to express how thankful I am for my family, friends and for this tremendous opportunity to serve you.

Mayor Tito Jackson