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Bogota Parks
Oscar E. Olsen Park

Location: West Main Street Extension

Originally known as Riverside Park, this park was established in the early 1950s under the guidance of Councilman Oscar E. Olsen, who also served as Mayor of Bogota from January 1956 through April 1956.  The park was dedicated to his memory soon after. 

Sgt. Frank Pagano Park 

Location: Queen Anne Road at Beechwood and Elmwood Avenues

Sergeant Frank Pagano grew up in Bogota and was veteran of World War II. In Korea, he was a member of the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division. He was seriously wounded while fighting the enemy house to house in Seoul, South Korea and died of those wounds on September 26, 1950.

More information about Sergeant Pagano's service to our country can be found here...

Firemen's Park / Bogota Community Garden

Location: River Road and West Fort Lee Road

Vincent F. Petrik Park

Location: Leonia Avenue at East Board Street

Originally known as Frank Mills Park, named in honor of Bogota's oldest resident ​in 1969, this park was re-dedicated as Vincent F. Petrik Park in 2006.  Mr. Petrik was a devoted volunteer, businessman and friend of many in Bogota for over 30 years in the 1970s - 2000s. 

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