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Bogota Creative Arts Team (CAT)
Bogota Creative Arts Team Members

Amaru Bustamante, Chair
Bogota Beautifu

Jodie Wu, Secretary

Bogart Memorial Reformed Church

Adriana Bingen,

Bogota Beautiful 


Patricia Adriance 


Bob Calleja
Bogota High School Arts Teacher (retired) 

Chelsea Dodd Coleman
Bogota Public Library

Rita Flores


Joseph Gallagher

Green Team member and Artist

Alexander Hernandez
VFW Post 5561

Lucy Lebron

Real Estate Professional

Steve Mazzella
Bogota Blog NJ

The Bogota Creative Arts Team (CAT) was established by a Borough of Bogota Mayor & Council resolution on February 6, 2020.

CAT nurtures a vibrant creative and fine arts culture within the Borough encompassing art, music, wellness and community building in accordance with Sustainable Jersey guidelines. Its goal is to establish a vision for the community to determine how arts, culture and the creative arts are harnessed to enhance the well-being of Bogota residents.


cat_creative_placemaking_plan Page 001.j
Bogota Outdoor Dining Brochure 
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