The Bogota Creative Arts Team (CAT) was established by a Borough of Bogota Mayor & Council resolution on February 6, 2020.


CAT nurtures a vibrant creative and fine arts culture within the Borough encompassing art, music, wellness and community building in accordance with Sustainable Jersey guidelines. Its goal is to establish a vision for the community to determine how arts, culture and the creative arts are harnessed to enhance the well-being of Bogota residents.


Bogota Creative Assets and Opportunities Map


2020 Team Members

Amaru Bustamante, Co-Chairperson

Chelsea Dodd Coleman, Co-Chairperson

Jodie Wu, Secretary


Daniele Fede, Council Representative


Patricia Adriance

Bob Calleja

Rita Flores

Joseph Gallagher

Alexander Hernandez

Stephen Mazzella

Lucy Lebron