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Bogota Volunteer Rescue Squad
Contact Information
Bogota Rescue Squad
Headquarters Location:
Kennedy Emergency Services Bldg
69 West Main Street
Bogota, New Jersey 07603
Telephone: 201-487-2400 or 9-1-1
Robert Foster 
Bogota Rescue Chief

Serving Bogota for Over 50 Years

The Bogota Rescue Squad provides Emergency Extrication, Fire Recovery, other Rescue Services. The Squad members are always available to respond to any emergency. Members of the Rescue Squad are dedicated volunteers who participate in assisting neighbors when our services are required. Along with performing their duties when called upon, each member participates in regular drills, training classes and monthly meetings.

Interested in Joining the Bogota Rescue Squad?

Prospective candidates need to be at least 16 years of age, in good health and residents of Bogota or one of our surrounding communities. If you fit these conditions you are welcome to apply to our organization. We will provide you with all necessary training, you just need to provide us with your dedication and commitment.


For information on membership, email us at or stop by the Kennedy Emergency Services Building on Friday night between 7:30 and 8:00


Daniele headshot.jpg
Daniele Fede
Deputy Chief
Michael Leong
Raul Lebron
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