Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission has the responsibility to study and make recommendations for open space preservation, trails, water resource management, storm water regulations, pollution control, solid waste management, noise control, landmark trees and tree preservation, environmental appearance, soil, landscapes, flora and fauna and review applications which impact the aforementioned. While the Recreation Commission oversees active parks such as ball fields and tennis courts and the Shade Tree Commission oversees street trees, the Environmental Commission oversees all passive parks in the Borough, and other properties throughout the Borough.


The Environmental Commission shall also conduct research and coordinate activities pertaining to the use and potential use of open land areas, include recommendations for acquisitions of open space.The Environmental Commission is also charged with teaching the community to respect our trees and open spaces and to encourage residents and the local government to make responsible environmental decisions. This can be accomplished through community outreach, meetings and events, and the distribution of printed and digital materials, such as CDs, DVDs, books, maps, charts, and pamphlets which it deems necessary to further its mission.



Bogota Community Forestry Fact Sheet

The Borough was recently notified that its 3rd 5 year Community Forestry Plan for 2017 to 2021 was approved by NJDEP. We prepared for plan with a CSIP Grant. The Borough also hired a certified tree expert to inventory our shade trees. Half of the town was completed and will be available to town personnel on an itrees software platform. We used our older treeinventory to identify the 98 ash trees that have or likely will be impacted by the emerald ashborer to plan for takedown and replanting.


The itrees inventory provides helpful reports on the tree species in town and assists in planning the takedowns and plantings. It will help identify planting locations for our three year planting program. The Borough was just awarded a $30,000 grant to plant trees.

The Borough has approximately 2200 shade trees. Our annual budget is $25,000. 18% of our trees are London Planes (people call then Sycamores). They are very large and very old.


Norward maples make up about 11% and they have been on decline due to disease. They were 33% of the tree population at one point. Pin Oaks, Ash and Callery Pear make up approximately 7% each of the tree stock. We have worked to diversify our tree stock. Unfortunately, our earlier efforts lead us to plant ash trees which are now compromised by the emerald ash borer beetle.


Our average canopy cover is 18.9% and we increased our goal to 25% cover. The canopy reduces energy consumption, improves our air quality, increases property values and adds an aesthetic quality to our streets and community.A copy of the approved community forestry plan is available at the Bogota Public Library.


Interested in gardening, but don't have the room? 

Rent a plot in our Community Garden. 


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