Environmental Commission
Environmental Commission Members

Mary Ellen Murphy, Councilwoman
Council Liaison

Isabel Bustmante

Gloria Clark

Yesenia Frias, Planning Board Representative

Diane Mancini

Pauline McDonnell

Jeannie Watson Rosado

Rebecca Youla

Associate Members

Susan Cruz

Mark Okson

The Environmental Commission has the responsibility to study and make recommendations for open space preservation, trails, water resource management, storm water regulations, pollution control, solid waste management, noise control, landmark trees and tree preservation, environmental appearance, soil, landscapes, flora and fauna and review applications which impact the aforementioned. While the Recreation Commission oversees active parks such as ball fields and tennis courts and the Shade Tree Commission oversees street trees, the Environmental Commission oversees all passive parks in the Borough, and other properties throughout the Borough.


The Environmental Commission shall also conduct research and coordinate activities pertaining to the use and potential use of open land areas, include recommendations for acquisitions of open space. The Environmental Commission is also charged with teaching the community to respect our trees and open spaces and to encourage residents and the local government to make responsible environmental decisions. This can be accomplished through community outreach, meetings and events, and the distribution of printed and digital materials, such as CDs, DVDs, books, maps, charts, and pamphlets which it deems necessary to further its mission.



Green Purchasing Policy

The Borough of Bogota is committed to purchasing products and services which create a sustainable community. 
Our Green Purchasing Policy can be found here.