Code Enforcement/Property Maintenance


Please call this department with any questions about Summons received from property maintenance.


Nick Barese, Code Enforcement Officer

201-342-1736 ext 227


International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC):


The Code Enforcement (Property Maintenance) Department was established to enforce Borough Ordinance #1373 -19-1.1. (The International Property Maintenance Code).


The main purpose of the department is to maintain a quality of life in the Borough that reflects it values. Such as beautiful tree lined streets and well maintained homes and businesses.


The overall appearance of the community is paramount in helping to keep property values stabilized.


The department’s responsibility is to patrol the community and inspect residences and businesses for any violations.


The department responsibilities extend to enforcing property owners and tenants not to place garbage or trash over the weekend. Enforcing snow and ice removal from sidewalks within 18 hours after snow has stopped falling.  Enforcing owners not to place leaves in the streets after published leaf season has ended.  Enforcement of removal of unregistered or inoperative vehicles on residential properties. Enforcement of grass height not to exceed 4 inches, and trimming of all overgrown shrubs, as well as all general maintenance on all properties.


Please be advised that ordinance 1456 Vacant Property registration was amended on 6-27-2019

The amended ordinance number is 1525

It can be found under section 9-11.1.


Identifying Vacant or Abandoned properties for the purpose of registration and code violations pursuant to ordinance #1456, as well as all other duties directed by the Borough Administrator in keeping within the confines of Code Enforcement.